Zion Lutheran Church Prayer List

Members:   Virginia Heczko-Z, Arlene Olson-S, Lisa Mildren-Z, Polly Hiipikka-Z, Elvie Strand-S, Kathleen Grbavcich–Z, June Luoma-Z, Jean Passint-S,  Chris Bentley-S, Nancy Hill-S, Kris Bennetts-S, Diane Halverson-Z, Deb Haustein-S,  Ron Heczko-Z, Don Stenstrom-S, Marilyn Vuorenmaa–Z, Joy Paquin-S, all homebound members

Family and Friends:   Jessica Wolf, Sally Porter, Judy Jacobson, Ron Smith, Jann Richter, Raney Smith, Sarah Ceccon, Gail Kniska, Dale Kangas, Eila Kivi-Thomas, Bob and John Alleva, Karen Neumann, Larry Nezworski, Robert Lintonen, Charlene Lintonen, Marlys Edwards Ahlstrand, Jan Eschbach, Greta Nasi, Jim Kangas, Jeff Chiapuzio, Lillian Pigg,Kenny Koosmann, Russell Saari, June West,  Cathy Voyce, Jean Berding, Roger Cornetto, Jack Fowler, Lorraine Hansen, Theresa Koosmann, Liam Murphy, Gary Olkonen, Liz Peltier, Rob Rye, Steven Sacco, DeeDee Sawaski, Stevie Waukau, Dale Yurchak, Sandy Yurchak, the families of Paul Vaara and Toby Webb

Members of the military and their families:   Justine Anderson, Einar Manki, Adam Miller, Nathan Stutz, Will Taylor, Nathan Warren 

Bishop Katherine Finegan, Pastor Jim Duehring and the NGLS staff, Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton

Please contact the Parish office for names to be added or removed from the list.  Unless we are informed otherwise, names will remain for four weeks.

Zion Lutheran Church
100 W Midland Ave
Ironwood, MI 49938
Phone: (906) 932-1320

Office hours:
Tuesday and Wednesday from 9am to 12pm
Thursdays from 9am to 1pm